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Journey into a world of relaxation in one of Azure Spas intimate grandiose massage suites. Our highly trained professional massage therapists will deliver you into true bliss.

Massage Therapy can reduce stress, aid in sleep, reduce muscle or soft tissue pain, speed recovery from injury, lower blood pressure and many more benefits. Here at Azure Salon and Spa we offer Swedish Massage that will relax you after a long day of work . Our Deep Tissue Massage will soothe and regenerate those aching muscles. Come in for our Signature Massage, specifically designed for your needs.

 Azure Signature Massage

Combination of massage therapies customized on an individual basis is what makes Azure’s signature massage unique.
80, 50, or 30 minutes

Azure Swedish Massage

Relax while our massage therapist gives you a calming massage with gentle pressure. Azure’s Swedish massage will bring you to serenity.
80 or 50 minutes


Azure Deep Tissue Massage

Special massage techniques target the sublayer of muscles to treat specific
ares of discomfort and relieve areas strained by overuse. Our professional
massage therapist can relieve muscle tension using customized pressure
with Azure’s deep tissue massage.
80, 50, or 30 minutes

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth, warm stones are used as extensions of the hands.
Azure’s hot stone massage is an unforgettable experience.
Enjoy a massage that’s as special as you are because
“You Are So Worth It!!”™
50 minutes

Azure Couples Massage

Azure’s relaxing massage for two.
Share the experience of an indulgent European massage
with someone special in the couples massage suite.
Enjoy Vino and chocolate provided complimentary
with Azure’s couple massage.
80 or 50 minutes

Prenatal Massage

Relax your mind body and spirit. Let our highly trained professional
massage therapist reduce swelling, relieve lower back pain,
and sooth you and baby with Azure’s prenatal massage.
50 minutes


Lymphatic massage – Chair massage
Steam aromatherapy spa


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